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After she discovered Jay Smith had cheated on her, she filed for divorce.

Since then, she claims Smith has been refusing to sign the divorce papers. Smith has also violated a court order and been detained by ICE since his infidelity. Now, Ashley Martson is dishing on how the show was edited — certain things were cut, and one particular edit left her looking bad, she feels.

Thank you so much katyaavdeev for designing me this amazing dress it was perfect! Thank you to okmagazine for having me last night! Hair and makeup by jessicajadearteca ok okmagredcarpet nyc tlc 90dayfiance lifeisgood. While processing the scene of a murdered naval officer , the NCIS team discover a cryptic message written in the victim's blood which is also connected to a case involving missing weapons in Afghanistan with the investigation intensifying when Tony and Ziva discover the body of an agent in her home.

Scott, on the other hand is busy on his cell-phone but due to the fact that they're in the forest, he can't get a signal so the webpage isn't loaded properly.

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She then tells him that the whole point of this trip was to get away from this technology overload. She also takes his cell phone off him. As Jane prepares to take a photograph, she remarks that the deer who is also female is beautiful.

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It then cuts to the man who lies on the ground, dead, wearing the uniform of an officer of the United States Navy. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

First aired. March 29 , Written by.

Tell all the truth but tell it slant — (1263)

Andrew Bartels. Directed by.

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